December 17, 2016

1995 in Bellvue, Washington, Mike Lull Custom Guitars launched after Mike spent years as a top notch guitar repair tech, including having his own repair business. Since the launch of these two lines (guitars and basses) Mike’s business has continued to grow and he has created and repaired instruments for thousands of artists from around the world, including Randy Jackson, Bob Dylan, Heart, Queesnryche, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, Willie Weeks and Mike Merrit.  Eric Smith (Rihanna. Janet Jackson) and Lance Tolbert (Mariah Carey) play Mike Lull basses with Nordstrand pickups. 

How long have you been building?  20 Years

How did you get started building?  I started repairing guitars way back in 1976 which eventually led to adding guitar building to our business while keeping the repair shop going.

Mike LullWhy do you build instruments?  I wanted to build instruments that me and my musician friends would love to play and that would be a 100% finished product once completed rather than needing a bunch of work done as many new instruments do in our industry. 

When did you start using Nordstrand Pickups?  We have always admired the quality of the Nordstrand products and in recent years have found several Nordstrand pickup models that are rivalled by none. These have become our stock pickups in some of our bass models.

How did you learn of Nordstrand Pickups?  When you’ve been in the industry for over 40 years…

How many instrument s  do you build per year?  Approximately 300.

What do you believe are the most important factors in tone?  To me every single aspect and part of an instrument comes out when playing. In the end it’s always about the individual artists needs and wants. My goal when building is to do whatever I can to make that persons vision come true, even if it means swapping out parts after the build is done.

Do you play bass or guitar?  Bass.

Find out more about Mike Lull Custom Guitars at his  website or  facebook.

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