• The BoneCrusher is the closest you will come a tonal embrace with the Devil without using an onboard preamp—a truly BoneCrushing experience! Do not underestimate this animal. If it comes to a sonic standoff between a standard humbucker and the BoneCrusher, the former will be vibrationally decimated every time. If you are looking to escape any so-called “anemic” qualities of your traditional humbucker, or just want your tone to be melodically METALisized without switching to an active pickup, the BoneCrusher’s refined and deafeningly responsive output will not disappoint. The dynamic punch of this pickup’s midrange is the pinnacle of its existence, allowing diabolical animation of dreaded bar-chord chugs and bringing about a tight, yet seething and saturated presence in lead playing; coordinately supported with its carefully dialed in amalgamation of searing highs and fat, slaughtering lows—delivering you from evil when just when you think you’ve lost all control.

    Technical Details:

    A hot wind humbucker that has undergone howling possession and maniacal invention.

    A thicker, more powerful, Alnico V bar magnet for increased inductance.

    Adjustable hex screws replace traditional screw and slug combination in standard humbucker bobbins. Quick and easy pole adjustment on north and south bobbins with just a turn of a key!

    The bridge pickup is a Frankenstein’s monster of all things loud and hairy in the world of humbuckers, providing a much hotter edge than the NVH. The neck pickup does provide some soothing relief from the bridge’s fury, but still holds to a similar searing and saturated midrange presence.

    Each pickup is calibrated and specially designed for its position: 53mm (Fender) wide spacing, or 50mm (Gibson) narrow spacing

    Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your tonal zone.

    Black bobbins

    History: The BoneCrusher is Nordstrand’s most recent 6-string humbucker model. It was designed in Redlands, CA, by a team of discriminating craftsmen and players who meticulously and methodically refined the BoneCrusher’s heavy midrange tone.

     *Not exactly what you are looking for?   Email the shop directly or call the shop at: 909-790-2548 to find out about our many custom pickup options.

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