Shush Puppy

  • Love classic single coil tone but hate the noise that often accompanies that creamy flare and tonal resonance? Well, you’re in luck! Over a period of six years of R&D, we’ve developed a pickup that has had all buzz, hum, static, and crackle exorcized from its being; and all without shaving even a centimeter off of the complexity inherent to uncompromising single coil tone. The sonic nature of the Shush Puppy can be compared to that of our Strat design: creamy, bouncy, and punchy, but with zero hum. Between the spectrum of sonic delicacies available at the bridge, middle, and neck positions, the Shush Puppy contains the unique kick of single coil pickups with absolutely no background noise breaking through to their tonal event-horizon.

    Technical Details:

    A hum-canceling single coil style guitar pickup.

    Small alnico II and alnico V magnets.

    A choice of black, white, or creme colored plastic covers.

    Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.

    History: Six years of meticulous research and development have created the humbucking bark and bite of these Nordstrand original pickups. They represent the innovative techniques and creative thinking in which our company takes pride.

    *Not exactly what you are looking for?   Email the shop  directly or call the shop at: 909-790-2548 to find out about our many custom pickup options.

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