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Dual Coil 5

  • The Dual Coil is top shelf sonic kinesis that leaves its player in a state of wonder as they begin to mold the dynamic spectrum of tone available from this pickup s resonant malleability. The versatility of this pickup lies in the players choice of its two different wind optimizations: especially programmed parallel or series operations. The reason for this choice stems from the unfortunate phenomenon of a pickup made to sound good in parallel often sounding too hot and dark when wired in series. A Dual Coil wired in parallel with our specially designed wind will provide a glistening high end, a submerged, trenching low end, and a crisp and clean midrange. The parallel model is usually a wiser choice for split-able installation, as its gain loss will not be diminished which is often associated with its sister in series. Our higher output series model will provide a driving, combustable midrange that subdues the timbre of its high end without entirely dismantling any mandatory complementation within its tonal spectrum.

      Technical Details:

    • 5 string humbucking dual coil soap-bar pickup.
    • Available as single neck or bridge pickup or as a set.
    • A choice of alnico III or V magnets.
      • Alnico III: will provide a blanket of warmth for your pickup, giving it a slightly softer character
      • Alnico V: All around brighter, cleaner, and punchier.   


    Cover options:

    • Bartolini® P2 (4.27″ x 1.27″)
    • EMG40® (1.51″ x 4.02″)


  • History: The Dual Coil was the very first pickup to ever be fabricated by Nordic hands. In a sense, they are the gateway drug that has led to the obsessively creative habits and methodical productivity that streamlines the status quo of the Nordstrand way. To this day, this mythical first pickup forged by the hands of Carey Nordstrand himself stands in our shop as a monolithic reminder of the innovative thinking and creative combustibility that Nordstrand stands for.
  • *Not exactly what you are looking for?   Email the shop directly or call the shop at: 909-790-2548 to find out about our many custom pickup options.
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