Boris: Fuzz for the People – Guitar Effect Pedal

  • Boris is a beastly guitar fuzz pedal whose roots lie in a particular 90’s 4 transistor Russian circuit. Dr Deiter Von FüzzBrauer was always mystified by the simple, yet devastating tones that could be achieved by this circuit. But there was always a problem, when this circuit was employed in a live setting the massive wall of fuzz would be buried under the bass, drums and anything else. Why? Well, each instrument occupies a particular frequency and the circuit scoops mids, and mids is where the guitar shines. These amazing tones that could be had are be easily corrected in a recording mix, but what about the live players? No… this will not stand, Von FüzzBrauer had his quest. Create the thick and massive sought after tones but without the sacrifice of being lost in the live mix.

    History: Boris is result of many hours of research and prototyping. Each version was tested in real life settings. Von FüzzBrauer loves simple. Ultimate tweak ability is lovely, but in a dark bar or practice space, if something get bumped and nudged, as it inevitably does, finding “that setting” in the midst of a song can be a challenge. Therefore Von FüzzBrauer settled on the classic 3 knob triangle formation. With a switch to give you some options so you can still use the more traditional mid scooped sound or break through and let everyone know you are there.

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