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  • These versatile gadgets are a simple combination of a sponge mute with a wood covering, which work to provide the player with dark, staccato articulation, forwarded by the vehicle of a nostalgic vintage subtlety. The essence of the NordyMute’s effect is akin to upright-like inhibition of resonance, a kind of execution of sustain—its body subject to an almost unnaturally fast decay. But what’s especially significant about the NordyMute is the uniquely versatile quality it lends to the player’s particular style. A lot of mutes will stunt playability, creating an awkward relationship in player to instrument intonation and articulation. In contrast, the NordyMute is designed for easy adjustment, giving the player modulating intonation and articulation instead of being stuck with one mode of mutability—of MUTE-ation.This modulating quality comes from the mute’s foam body pinching the strings, whereas most mutes push against them. To put it simply, pinch over push is what leaves the NordyMute’s intonation without compromise.

    At the end of the day, the NordyMute is a simple design that compacts our company’s essence: a kind of microcosmic display defining how we will never subject ourselves to something that doesn't exceed our expectations. And besides all the technical jargon and effectual description, the NordyMute is also just too damn cute. No player who uses a mute will be disappointed.

    Technical Details:

    • Bass mute with a foam body and wood cover.
    • Wood cover available in walnut, and maple.
    • Exotic wood choices available with an up-charge. Check for availability.
    • 4-string and 5-string.
    • 19mm string spacing (.750").
    • Custom spacing available with an up-charge.
    • Add custom options in notes.
    • Handmade in sunny Redlands, California.


    History: This product is brought to you by our disdain for not being able to control the future. You see, the quality of the NordyMute is something that Carey Nordstrand has been working on for quite a while, and what he found during his many experiments is that most mutes try much too hard to determine the player’s intonation and articulation. They want to speak for you, determine the story told in the millisecond of time between string plucked and vibration amplified. They want to mutate how you’d like your voice to sound, and therefore mutate your future. What they say is this: “X!” It’s fixed, constant, and almost rude. However, Carey was able to manipulate the mutations deposited from the legacies of the Elder Mutes, and what he was able to grow and nourish to adulthood was what we have come to know as the NordyMute.This specimen of mutation says this: “—— —— ——!” It suggests a void—a dark, staccato quality for which the player can adjust and take control of their own voice, intonation, and articulation. In essence, it lets you take control of the time between pluck and amplification. It lets you control the future. God Bless you, Nordy, the Mute.  


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