AL-SAT Single Coil G&L ASAT

  • This is a replacement pickup for G&L ASAT Special guitars, made especially for those who feel their ASAT Special might be missing a little of that lush and full sound found in vintage-style pickups. The AL-SAT will satisfy this vintage-style craving; its tone is traditional and wholesome, akin to that of Strat-style single coils—its close relative and comrade in all things creamy, punchy, and beefy. These pickups encompass all things inherent to single coil design, as if everything you love about traditional style tone has simply crawled from one shell to another, building a new home in the AL-SAT’s arrangement of vulcanized fiber flatwork, quality wire, and Alnico V magnets.

    Technical Details:

    Replacement pickup for G&L ASAT Special guitars.

    NO covers included with AL-SAT. Please use your stock G&L covers.

    Alnico V magnets.

    Neck or bridge single coil pickup.

    Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.

    History: The AL-SAT origin of design stems from the simple idea of providing players with an ASAT Special replacement pickup—to give G&L players a bit more variety in the choice of their tone. With every electric player’s sound being rooted in their choice of pickup, here at Nordstrand we feel that having this sense of variety is an important part in developing your desired tone.

    *Not exactly what you are looking for?   Email the shop directly or call the shop at: 909-790-2548 to find out about our many custom pickup options.

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