NMT Single Coil Modern Tele

  • Wondering what our Modern Tele pickup has that our vintage Tele doesn’t? Three words: Bigger. Bolder. Ballsier. A fatter, taller coil, a slightly larger magnet load, and a few extra winds of wire are the specs responsible for the aggressive tone of these pickups. Between the beefy bounce of the neck position and rough and rigorous bite of the bridge, the NMT is an all around louder and more shreddable version of our vintage Tele, but still holds true to the tonal complexity and precision found in all Tele pickups. The dynamic bite of these modern-style bad-boy’s high, low, and midranges will put an edge in your Telecaster that supplies each note with a livelier and more vibrant punch.

    Technical Details:

    A single coil modern-style Tele pickup.

    Alnico V magnets

    Both neck and bridge read at a higher DCR than our vintage Tele and A3 Tele model.

    Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.

    History: The NMT was created out of the need for a meaner sounding Tele pickup; diverging from the vintage Tele in its hairy nature and increased resonant stamina. This pickup showcases the malleability in the creativity we try to keep at Nordstrand, demonstrating how when we want something new out of an otherwise standardized vintage tone, we don't waste a minute in finding a way to bring that desire to fruition.

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