Ice Caves: Ambient Reverb – Guitar Effect Pedal

  • The ice... it speaks... it speaks of memories long forgotten… but only if you learn how to listen.  As you descend deeper and deeper into the caverns you can hear these memories reverberate from the walls.  These walls of ice have taken thousands of years to form, what have they seen? What do they remember that we do not?  Listen…

    A few years ago Dr Von Fuzzbrauer visited the Dachstein glacier in Austria and explored the dark and glistening depths of it’s ice caves.  The experience in the cave was so magical and awe inspiring that it had to be captured and harnessed through his guitar. Now, you can visit the caves of Dachstein without having to take a trip.  The magic is right there packaged up in a nice little box so you can experience the mystic and wonder on your own or with your audience. Ice Caves is the result of countless hours of designing, prototyping and testing.  Enjoy.

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