Magnet Type

The following BASS pickup models are now available in AlNiCo III: 

  • NJ4, NJ5, NJ5F, NJ6 
  • NP4, NP4a, NP4v
  • NPVJ4, NPJ4
  • NP5, NP5v, NP5F
  • NPJ5F, NPJ5
  • All 51P configurations
  • Big Singles
  • BigRig
  • BigMan
  • Jazz Bar (single coil only)
  • Dual Coils 
  • MM4.2, MM5.2

The following  GUITAR pickup models are now available in AlNiCo III:

  • NVT A3 (Standard)
  • NMT
  • NVS
  • AL-SAT
  • NDC

To learn more about the different magnet types offered within the Nordstrand line of pickups, check out the following blog posts:

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