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Seratone: Mood Altering Bass Fuzz

  • The Seratone: Mood Altering Bass Fuzz is the brainchild of John “Dr Vatone” Contreras.

    In development for about 2 years, this bass fuzz is a no compromise kick in the head effect. There is no clean blend,  just pure fuzz. This is the way Odin intended. It works best with a passive bass to feed the first gain stage  the proper impedance value to get the fast attack and choppy, almost gated decay with staccato playing.

    Legato notes sustain and chords/double stops ring out without some of the odd order harmonics other fuzzes have. Synth-like tones are achievable with just a twist of the knobs. Mud and Fizz are both in quantity. 

    The tone stack is where the mojo lives in this effect with passive bass and treble controls that interact with each other, giving the player subtle to aggressive changes in tone. The Mood control changes how both filters work  and what the last gain stage sees.

    The Seratone is a true bypass fuzz all handwired and individually tested from start to finish by Dr. Vatone himself, in  the mountain division of Rocket Surgeon. This pedal is the product of the good Dr’s search for a tear-your-head- off fuzz specifically for bass players willing to go all in with distortion.

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