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Origin Stories


Deep in the outskirts of the southern California desert, there is a secret laboratory of brilliant sound scientists developing tone unheard of by outsiders. These “Rocket Surgeons” are intent on bringing new sounds and reviving important effects that haven’t been heard for years. Periodically we will reveal our latest aural discovery.

Rocket Surgeon Doctor Trio

Dr Olaf Tönekrafftström
A family story describes 6-year-old Olaf wiring the antlers of their moose (Güstaf and Oktaf) in series to make their bellow fat and aggressive to scare off wolves. At 13, his mind’s eye turned to space – by applying a low-pass filter to the Aurora Borealis, he managed to capture the lower light frequencies and provided his area with natural light during winter months.

The secret military service approached him at the age of 17 and he was hired for top secret jobs for more than 15 years. Hence, details about his achievements and projects are unknown or classified. Nevertheless, information has leaked about one major incident that forced him out of his military career. Allegedly, Tönkrafftström accidentally destroyed 2 star systems while channeling black hole particle emissions into a satellite named after one of their family moose (Oktaf). The black hole frequencies lowered by three oktafs resulted in thunderous shockwaves that erased 19 planets altogether.

Intelligence reports state that Tönkrafftström was consequently confined to the Nord pole for 10 years. Being stranded on the Nord pole did not dull his sparkling intellect and restlessness. His mind found peace and purpose during this time and his goal has become to spread positive vibrations all around the Universe. The most notable accomplishment in this period was the occasion when he rewired Earth’s pivot to 1960s wound pattern and thus reversed global warming and created clear, balanced and classic weather conditions from top to bottom.

The last and most important milestone related to the Nord-stranded period is the birth of the pseudo-ambient EP titled “raketer” that lead to the formation of Rocket Surgeon Labs. Olaf interests towards positive vibrations turned him onto music – he built 7 stationary rocket engines that were tuned tritones from each other and by recording them with several microphones moving in a circular fashion, he created a soothing texture of ethereal sounds as a result. The material was published on Bandcamp under the alias of “Rock-e-troll” and the only man on Earth who bought this EP was Dr. von Füzzbrauer, the German rocket scientist who was constantly disillusioned with modern German music. (NOTE: that Dr. von Füzzbrauer who was actually known for revitalizing his nation’s music scene by developing an instant tone capsule that was brewed into Beer causing the immense growth of personal musical taste in any musician)

Füzzbrauer’s inspiration was sparked and he approached Tönkrafftström, as he knew that his true guide and companion had finally been found. Olaf felt the same excitement and zeal – Rocket Surgeon Labs was founded shortly after and their mission uniquivocally proclaimed: move to a warmer city and prepare sounds unheard by man.

Dr. Juan Vatone
He hails from the the outskirts of the San Jacinto Mountains. As a youth Vatone would sneak away to hear the desert jams that were known far and wide as some of the best music ever made. He had hopes of rock stardom but fate had other plans. He was sucked into in a world where he didn't belong, a world he never discussed. One day he escaped. Covered in blood he arrived at the door of our Rocket Surgeon secret laboratory. He was taken in and it was discovered Vatone had been exposed to very low frequencies during his formative years. These frequencies infected his brain to think in outrageous tones. We helped him develop his super power and a doctor of the low-end was born.

Dr. Deiter Von Füzzbrauer
Dr. Von Füzzbrauer defected to the US under extenuating circumstances and was immediately recruited by the Rocket Surgeons. Von Füzzbrauer's escape from the oppression of sub-par tone took an emotional toll. As a result, when left solo in a small space he explodes into a audio frenzy and his workshop is left in shambles. Even with these setbacks, he has endured and proven himself to be a brilliant mind. His vast knowledge of S.H.R.E.D. technology made him the perfect addition to the team.

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