51P5 Vintage Single Coil

  • The 51P5 is a tried and true reproduction of an original P style pickup. Its vintage characteristics are amped up with an uncompromising plane of thump and slap, which adds a slight bit of impact to the reminiscence of original P bass tone that this pickup has been carefully designed to deliver. With a choice in either alnico III or V, the player can take the magnetic aspect of tonal customization into their own hands. Alnico III will provide a slightly delicate character to the classic P tone, all the while alnico V upholds this classic tone with its punch, clarity, and equalizing impact between the high, mid, and low frequencies. This pickup is great for a variety of styles, catalyzing originality in modern slap techniques while still providing ballast to R&B type styles.


    Technical Details:

    • Original 5 string P-style pickup.
    • A choice of alnico III or V magnets.
      • Alnico III: will provide a blanket of warmth for your pickup, giving it a slightly softer character.
      • Alnico V: an all around interactive and striking sound.  
    • Raw pickup without cover.
    • Laser cut, fiber bobbins.
    • Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.


      History: If this pickup has any especially defining or significant characteristic, it would have to be the monstrous thump that lies between its low and midrange. This thump is a derivative of its curious origin. You see, in order to successfully reproduce an original P style pickup, we had to anthropomorphize the sound that occurs when you take a vintage P bass and whack your pretentious front man with it: "Thump!" Thus, Thump was conceived, which meant that the technicians at Nordstrand had to talk Thump into getting into the 51P. After some convincing, Thump soon obliged. Without the drive, diligence, and cooperation demonstrated by Thump, we wouldn't have the vintage sound that Thump hosts within the confines of the 51P5.

      *Not exactly what you are looking for?   Email the shop directly or call the shop at: 909-790-2548 to find out about our many custom pickup options.

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