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March 18, 2022 2 min read

I am a self-taught luthier, passionate about guitars since childhood. After a few wanderings and a career as a lawyer in Paris, I left the big city with wife and children to return to the mountains of my childhood (in the French Jura forests) and live from my true passion : music.

I'm a handyman, thirsty for knowledge, hard and meticulous worker and great lover of gear. I naturally turned to electric lutherie and I have since sought to achieve excellence in this field.
Builder/owner: Guillaume Buguet (aka "Muche")

When you began building: 

What inspired you to become a luthier? 
A deep love for music, tone, gear and guitars, and the willing to explore uncommon ways. It began by customising my own instruments to create the tones I was looking for. Step by step I've started to build entire guitars, learning to apply all the knowledge I've absorbed during my guitarist journey, exploring my curiosity and love for musics and musicians.

What kind of customer do you build for? Pro and semi-pro who are looking for certain tones and playability in a made to measure guitar which help them tell their stories.

Clients of note: Daniel Webster Scalliet (Mocking Dead Bird, Facteur Sauvage)
Favorite materials and finishes to work with? I use local woods from my forest region (Jura in France). I literally live in an amazing tone wood area! I also repurpose exotic wood from old stocks or cabinets. I have empathy with raw materials and finishes. I etch aluminium and use fine satin varnishes or oils.
I'm also very specialized in making hi-fi guitar wiring, using only premium gear for uncompromising sound (and this is why I love Nordstrand's pickups  so much).
When did you discover Nordstrand and why you use Nordstrand in your builds?  I discovered Nordstrand in 2019 out of curiosity, looking for some good stuff for a customer's bass. I saw videos and wanted to give a try. I didn't expect the result. The tone was so amazing, powerful and full of character ! A real soul singing inside!

From that day, I could never use other bass pickups. What's more, relations with the Nordstrand team, especially with Stew, were immediately very pleasant and relevant. In fact, the advice I received from them immediately became a real advantage for the realization of my projects and the satisfaction of my customers. I always take great pleasure in seeing the face of musicians when they discover the "wow effect" of these pickups.

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