October 18, 2016

The BigRig is a pickup came about very organically, as a result of a conversation with bassist Alberto Rigoni. (Rigoni…Rig…that’s magic!) A dual 51 P style pickup, one pole per string, was the initial concept, but offset pole pieces are iconic for Nordstrand. What developed is a hum canceling pickup where the coils sense different parts of the string movement and the result isn’t the normal comb filter mode cancellation effect, which can make humbuckers sound kind of one dimensional. The BigRig has a very broad spectrum sound with tons of texture and complexity at the same time. It sounds a lot like a big single coil.  Imagine that. Big Single… but hum cancelling.
The BigRig.

These all new BigRig pickups feature:

• Hum canceling

• Nordstrand’s iconic angled pole pieces

• Soapbar Covers

• Available in 4-string, 5-string, 6-String

(Rig – Rigoni, get it?) Here’s a quick little video I just shot showing off the pickup. I got to use my  Jule Monique for this video too.


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