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November 11, 2016 1 min read

Carey Nordstrand and Maurilio Mina are building some of the music industries best built instruments. These instruments not only look and play great, they are also used by countless professional touring and recording musicians.

Maurilio “Mo” Mina has been working at the Nordstrand Shop since 2007. He assembles all of the basses we produce. His duties include fret dressing, wiring preamps, assembly and complete set up. He’s fully versed in bass electronics and can answer almost any related question. His work is top notch and attention to detail is paramount for him. He’s the other half of the reason our basses are so consistently excellent. On top of all that, Mo’s a very talented bass player working in the LA live Music scene.

The Nordstrand shop also offers full service repairs, Carey and Mo are capable of anything from full instrument restoration to getting your instrument set up just right.

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