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May 28, 2015 3 min read

Dan Lutz is one of LA’s finest and busiest bassists.

Dan is versed in all genres of music and plays electric and double bass equally fierce. Lutz is the musical director for Jonathan Butler, and has upcoming shows overseas with both Butler and Oleta Adams.

Dan Lutz recently received his new Nordy vM5 and he couldn’t be happier with the results. Lutz’s new bass was a collaboration between Dan and Carey Nordstrand. Dan wanted a super versatile bass with a pickup configuration that had never been done before… and the results are monster tone with incredible sonic versatility!!

Dan Lutz’s new bass has a Nordy Big Man pickup in the MM position and an nP5 in the P position and the controls allow any and all pickup combinations. It also has the famous Nordstrand 3b preamp.

Dan commented on his new Nordy DL vM5 on his Facebook page:

“Put it on a strap… stood up… balance is perfect. The PBass tone is amazing, and changes quite drastically depending on the placement of your right hand. The BigMan alone is so strong and round with a great attack and smoothness. Splitting the coils brings out different shades and colors, opening up the bass and revealing it’s wide-reaching tone palate. With both pickups together, it’s such a unique and big tone… The bass feels like a smooth tree- like something from the earth- made by mother nature… an incredible example of the finest of Luthiery. It sings, it punches, it growls all while retaining a very natural, traditional and “organic” voice. It’s concept is rooted in tradition and functionality, but in totality it’s a unique sonic monster that will shine in any musical environment. I expect the DL VM 5 to give so many bassists their answer.”

Dan has been using Nordstrand Pickups for some time now and has also owned several Nordstrand basses in the past.
Nordstrand Pickups and Guitars is very excited to be providing Dan Lutz with his new Nordstrand signature bass that he says will be his new workhorse due to its tonal versatility.

Dan plans on using the new DL vM5 live and in the studio.

Carey Nordstrand elaborates on the birth of the Nordy DL VM5:
“I started putting this bass together because I had really enjoyed a vM4 with a BigMan pickup and really thought it would be incredible if I could also have a P bass sound on the same instrument. I also wanted it to be a five string – the ultimate studio bass. A few minutes with my CAD software and it was clear it could be an actual thing, so I started building the bass you see here.

During the build Dan [Lutz] reached out to me about a potential new build that would cover an MM sound and a P sound. He didn’t know I had been working on this new bass and when I detailed the idea for him he got very excited and agreed to make the purchase of this very instrument. When we delivered the bass last week, Dan could not stop playing and exploring the palette of sounds available. To be honest, even I was a bit surprised at how many incredibly useful tones there were. It’s really way more versatile than I could have hoped. I hope to make a few more of these soon to have them available to anyone that is interested. Of course, you can also place an order for one. Just call 909-790-2548 or email

So, in honor of the kismet of the situation and Dan Lutz’s incredible excitement about the bass we’ve decided to make it an artist model.

I’d like to formally present the DL vM5! Thanks Dan!”


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