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June 29, 2017 1 min read

Carey Nordstrand and Edward Heppenstall's pet project Moba Jones just released their first album titled Soul FIsh. Two years in the making, not only was the recording a labor of love, but a fantastic audio catalog of products from the Nordstrand Audio lineup:

  1. 63 Fender P refin with NP4v
  2. Nordy vP5 with NP5a3
  3. Nordy vJ5 Slim with BigMan and 51P soapbar
  4. Ibanez Gary Willis fretless with BigMan
  5. Ibanez Musician with NPJ4SV set
  6. Nordy vM4 Copper with Big Blade set
  7. Nordy vS #0 with NVS pickups
  8. Nordy vT #1 with NVHa3 set
  9. Gibson SG with Bonecrushers
  10. Ultaye Flying Junior with NVH set
  11. Goodall TOM IRW

Moba Jones Soul Fish Cover

You can find Soul Fish at most online music outlets including iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

Here is the first video track from the album, titled Disappear.

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