August 18, 2017

Alex Weber, bassist, composer and educator, is based in Baltimore, MD. Early on he was attracted to punk and ska music but quickly started to drift in the direction of heavier musics like the various forms metal. Throughout middle and high school Alex would perform and record with various metal bands that all performed at many of the well known MD/VA rock venues opening for notable acts such as Cynic, Devin Townsend, Gojira, Candlemass, and Sonata Arctica.

alex weber

In 2007, Alex enrolled in the Jazz program at Towson University and was introduced to the double bass, which he also quickly became attached to. While he was there, he studied bass under Jeff Reed and improvisation with Jim McFalls and Dave Ballou while also studying with visiting artists such as Drew Gress, Ellery Eskelin, and Mark Dresser. He graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Performance. During this time Alex also began his career as a freelancing musician playing jazz in local bars and restaurants. This has now spread out into him performing many differing styles of music including jazz, rock/funk, blues, fusion, bluegrass/country, folk and classical.
Alex joined the progressive metal band Exist in 2008 to cover bass and vocal duties and has since recorded two albums with them, the 2010 EP “In Mirrors” and their debut album “Sunlight” in 2013. Exist has recently signed to Prosthetic Records and is prepping to release their next album in mid 2017. He also plays double bass in the Baltimore jazz/metal fusion group Talking Points who has recently recorded their debut album and an album of a small orchestral work composed by their guitarist. In 2013 Alex joined internationally renown metal guitarist Jeff Loomis on an extensive tour performing the music from his two solo albums. 
alex weber
Ever since his discovery of Nordstrand pickups almost 10 years ago due to an interest in the basses of the great luthier Randall "Wyn" Fullmer, Alex has been hooked and has used them in just about all of his basses. His main go to's are the Fat Stack but he has used the Music Man style pickups and will be exploring more of the other models in the future. Over the past few years, Alex has also been building his own electric basses and has been using Nordstrand's in all of those as well. 
Find out more about Alex and his music here:
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