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August 24, 2022 1 min read

Hometown or residence: Pittsburgh, PA
Year you began playing:  2010

Describe your rig or instrument of choice: 
Ibanez basses, Nordstrand pickups, Darkglass pedals, and Ampeg amps & cabs

When I began working with Ibanez in 2019 they sent me a higher end Soundgear model, an SR1405, from a few years prior that came loaded with Big Singles and I've been hooked on the tone ever since. I use Big Singles and Zen Blade pickups.

What I love most about my Nordstrand products is the absolute, 100% consistency across the board, no matter what you're plugged into. Whether it be a huge tube amp onstage or a recording engineer's computer, dialing in tone is always the same- easy. 

current bands I work with: The Bleepy Things, Venice Queens
Bands I formerly worked with: Talion, King Catfish

Find more about Dillon and The Bleepy Things on the interwebs:
The Bleepy Things: Facebook, Spotify Instagram, Twitter
Personal:  Facebook, InstagramTwitter

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