August 12, 2016

Nordstrand pickups are his go-to for a reason. Starting out playing bass guitar at a young age, Chewy Linton had the opportunity to play every big box store bass guitar offered on the market, literally!

Chewy Linton

“I always struggled to get that TONE I wanted no matter the price. Not until the day I came across a Luthiers website, LeCompte Basses, did my musical life change. I loved LeCompte designs and had 2 basses built. He ONLY used Nordstrand electronics/pickups/ preamps.”

“The first time I played my new basses I realized it wasnt the wood, amp, cables, compressors, etc.  Yes, all of that works together to get you your personal sound, BUT it was the pick ups alone that gave me THAT TONE we all search for! Compliment after compliment, no matter which bass I picked up, touring in the U.S. or overseas, EVERY sound guy said the SAME THING: ‘That bass sounds amazing!'”

“I truly stand behind this company and product and will ONLY use Nordstrand!”
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