April 07, 2017

Colin Parkinson started when he was 14 and is the 5th generation in his family to play. He is based in the Midlands, UK and is originally from Taunton, Somerset. He spent some  time playing around London for 12 years and Copenhagen, Denmark for 2 years.


What music styles do you prefer? I’ve played with countless UK X factor and Pop Idol contestants, BBC (TV), Jessie J, Baby Ash (Producer), Paul Herman (Writer/Producer), Joel Hoekstra (whitesnake/Night ranger), Kenneth Bager (Denmark), Clemens (Denmark), TV2 (denmark) to name a few.  I’ve played for a lot of different artists covering various genres.. Whilst I play in ‘Inglorious’, A classic rock band, I’ve also played for Pop, Funk, Soul, Jazz artists and even alongside a DJ in clubs.

Who are some of your influences? My biggest influences are: Billy Sheehan, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorious, Tommy Kennedy and Hugh McDonald.


What are some of your favorite instruments you own?  What makes up your rig?  I’m a Warwick Endorsee and so have a custom made ‘Streamer CV’ which I love. I also have a Warwick streamer stage 1 6 string that has the occasional outing too.  I use Warwick amps: WA 600 amp with 2 x WCA 410 cabs.


What Nordstrand products have you used? I use the  npvj4sv set in my Warwick Streamer CV… They are so versatile together but when solo’d they sound so full and even. I’ve had many compliments on my tone with this bass, from engineers and fans alike.  I came to work with Nordstrand a year ago… I become a Warwick artist and fell in love with a sound of a bass that they had at the factory that had Nordstrand in. It just sounded and felt right!

What’s your favorite downtime activity? I’m into going to the gym and staying healthy and in shape.. Although I am partial to a proper British Ale or Five!

Colin Parkinson’s new album with Inglorious drops May 12th. Find it at  www.inglorious.com . You can also follow Colin on  Twitter .

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