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April 05, 2019 2 min read

Ebrahim Muniz, born in Santa Inês - MA, started his studies at the age of 11, dedicating himself to guitar, drums and keyboard lessons. With 12 years old, he discovered the fascination of the bass, low becoming thus its official instrument of work.

At the age of 15, he began his great love of progressive rock and jazz with fascination and reference to great bassists such as John Myung, Billy Sheehan, Felipe Andreoli, Luis Mariut, Jaco Pastorius, Robert Trujillo, Steve Harris and John Patucci.

In 2001 to 2007 he played with great musicians like guitarist Ozielzinho in covers bands and other rock bands of his local city.

In 2012 after moving to the state of Pará he dedicated himself to the knowledge in recording studios becoming freelance musician and music producer, with the connection of good music came the dedication in producing his own videos playing covers and doing re-readings of great bands in his instrument, where it had recognition and prominence.

From 2016 to 2018 Ebrahim Muniz established great partnerships and became the endorsee of world-famous brands such as Ibanez, Hartke, Elixer Strings AND Edifier.

Currently, Ebrahim Muniz teaches electric bass and guitar, video maker acts as solo musician at major shows, and is always invited to present his work at various music workshops across the country.

Ebrahim Muniz throughout his career has developed his own core following heavy metal progressive, djent, power metal and heavy metal

Describe your rig or instrument of choice:

Bass: Ibanez SR 1206 Premium, Ibanez BTB 846V

Strings: Elixer Strings 045

Pedals: Drive - Darkglass Electronics B7K Ultra

Amps: Hartke LH500 GAB. 115XL Series

How did you discover Nordstrand? I was introduced to Nordstrand Pickups 2 years ago when I was made an official endorser by Ibanez in Brazil. I got my first bass and was struck with all the qualities of this monster pickup.

Something that caught my attention was all online recording using the Nordstrand Big Single 6. Every result was identical, as if the bass was plugged into the best amp.

Check out Abrahim on the interwebs:

YoutubeFacebook Instagram 



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