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March 13, 2020 1 min read

Emanuel Simoncini is a bassist from Rosignano Solvay (LI) Tuscany (Italy). While Emanuel is prolific at the double bass, we discovered him on Instagram, where he posts videos and music playing both double and electric bass.

Describe your instrument: My main instruments are the Laurus basses and also double bass in orchestra. I discovered Nordstrand thanks to Pierluigi Cazzola, Laurus bass maker.

You use Fat Stacks and Dual Coils. How long have you been using Nordstrand? I have been using Nordstrand for 4 years. I have always appreciated the natural tone and the response of the harmonics. I love how they adapt to various musical styles. They are pickups which allow you to have many sounds in the same instrument, many different timbres adaptable to multiple situations.

I love the ability to switch between humbucker and single coil modes whenever I want. I would be curious to try other Nordstrand products over time!
Even before I bought them for the first time I was always fascinated when I heard musicians (mainly bass players) playing, equipped with the Nordstrand electronics, so it was natural for me to install your pickups on my beautiful Laurus basses.
The Nordstrand pickups enhance the lutherie of my instruments, do not distort the sound, make it clear, natural and if necessary modern intelligible. I am very honored to be able to become an Endorser and thus give my support to this company that I have appreciated for many years.
Find more about Emanuele on the interwebs.

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