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August 11, 2016 2 min read

Gilles Loes began playing bass in 1990 at the age of 17 years and have been playing since. He is performing on a semi-professional basis with 35 gigs per year with his two bands, plus the occasional subbing.


“I got my first VP (#33) in July 2011 and it made me sell all my Sadowsky basses. I have never looked back. Since then I got two VJ5, which I sold both as I do not like JJs anymore. As for now I am playing two VP5. Ironically both are my #1 basses in my two bands: the black (originally in amber tint, but refinished by Dave Wilson) is #51. It has an ash body and a one piece maple neck. PUs are the NP5 and a BigSplit5.”

“The other is VP5 #58 alder body in faded sonic blue& rosewood fingerboard with the NP5 pickup.Further I have a custom BigSplit5 in one of my Reverend Rumblefish RL5 and a set of NJ5 in my other RL5. Those are all the basses I own right now.”

“What I really like about the VP5 is the way they sound both live and in the studio, through a DI or through an amp. My first VP5 made me go “all-passive” and I never played an active bass after that on a regular basis. The VP5 neck is the best fit for my hands and I like better than all other basses I had before, both in the same price category and above.”

“I am quite sure I am the first person to ever own a Nordstrand bass in Luxembourg, Europe. Since then I “infected” at least 3 other people with the “N” bug over here. Since I got my first Big Single loaded bass, all my basses got Nordstrand pickups exclusively. I am using the NP5, the BigRigBig Singles and NJ5 sets. The NP5/BigRig set do help me to cut through ANY loud band. As for single coils, there is no better than Big Singles and NJ5!”

Gilles band, Daniel Balthasar band has a new album out, early 2017: Daniel Balthasar Band on Facebook

Gilles also working with a band called De La Mancha, check them out on Facebook.

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