September 12, 2016

Jeff Potts got his start in Pittsburgh, PA when he met his first serious band, Mantic Ritual, while attending university for music and recording. After gaining experience in the clubs and bars of the northeast for a few years, they headed to Los Angeles and released their debut, “Executioner” through Nuclear Blast records.  A year of touring ensued and the band went their separate ways, and after some time in the studio and on the road with various acts, Potts found himself playing full-time with LA thrashers Warbringer for another year of worldwide touring and another album, “Empires Collapse” via Century Media.  Burned out on the world of shredding and thrashing, Potts joined up with 70’s rockers Gygax in early 2016 and started the melodic and progressive Terrestrial.


“I was instantly blown away when I heard the difference that  Nordstrand’s NVH set made for my semi-hollow.  I was already happy with the guitar, but now it’s at another level – dialing in that perfect oldschool cranked-Marshall sound means you need pickups with real attention to detail on the mids and treble, and clear voicing even with high-gain sounds.  The Nordstrands deliver all of the above!”

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