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September 13, 2016 1 min read

Marc “Mulles” Muller was first introduced and “infected” by endorser Gilles Loes, a very talented Nordstrand user. Gilles lent Mulles some of his basses for gigs or studio recordings. That was when he first fell in love with the brand.


“12 years of self-taught bass playing, several recordings and many gigs with different musicians/bands over these years I finally got introduced to these outstanding and unique instruments. I always wanted to keep things simple in my way of playing the bass, my sound. Nordstrand basses and Nordstrand pickups just let me play at rehearsals, gigs or in studios without ever losing this kind of satisfied feeling.”
After selling all his Lackland basses,Marc “Mulles” Muller bought his first Vj5 (#300, the Spartan) in July 2014. “This bass is a real eye catcher. Swamp ash body, black (front of the bass only), satin neck finish, with matching headstock, birdseye maple fingerboard and Big Split 5pickups.” Since then he got a second black VJ5 (#291), this one came with 2 Big Singles and a 2b preamp. “It just sounds KILLER!“

“Both basses are my main basses at the moment and I think they will be for a little while now…! NORDSTRAND basses are expertly built with beautiful and solid wood. Their instruments are fed with superb electronics for a distinctive and muscular tone. I’m pretty sure every bassist could find something special in these instruments in terms of sound, play-ability and quality.”
Mulles band, Miles to Perdition is on facebook.
Mulles is also on youtube.

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