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July 18, 2021 2 min read

My beginnings in music were in a small school in the house of culture in the town of Galapa, where I was taught to play guitar, at the age of 15 years, for the first time I start playing the electric bass, later on I began to study my professional career in the conservatory of music in the city of Barranquilla, where I finished my professional studies as a graduate in music, In the middle of the way I started working as a professional bassist with a Colombian artist named ALBERTO BARROS, with whom I was traveling for 7 years to countries like PERU, ECUADOR, MEXICO, UNITED STATES, ITALY, CURACAO, GUATEMALA, Where I had the fortune to record 4 albums, 2 those albums nominated for the LATIM GRAMMYS as BEST SALSA ALBUM ( TRIBUTE TO COLOMBIAN SALSA 7) YEAR 2017 AND ( TRIBUTE TO COLOMBIAN CUMBIA 4 ) In the category best Album cumbia / Vallenato.

Describe your favorite equipment or instrument. I currently have a FENDER JAZZ BASS AMERICAN DELUX

How did you discover Nordstrand?  It seems like a movie, but I discovered Nordstrand through a scam. A person sold me some pickups, making me believe that they were Nordstrand's. After investigating, I realized that my bass did not have the sonic characteristics I was expecting and after a few days I discovered that the pickup I had paid for was a Chinese knockoff. From there I met Stew, and by his kindness, I met Nordstrand.

Which Nordstrand products do you use? I currently use NJ5FS HUM - CANCELLING FENDER pickups.  I like the ability of the pickups to take me to a particular 70's sound, that has me very expectant and happy.

Artists you are currently working with: I am currently working with an artist from Barranquilla called CHELITO DE CASTRO. I also record with many acts, among those areABERTO BARROS (Colombia), JCAST (Peru), GABY ZAMBRANO (Peru)

Other outstanding artists you have worked with: TONY VEGA (Puerto Rico), ROBERTO BLADES (Panama), SONORA DINAMITA (Colombia), ALFREDO DE LA FE (Cuba)

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