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March 11, 2022 2 min read

Oskar Cartaya, during the course of a full career playing bass, composing, arranging and acting as musical director for an amazing array of artists, Oskar has soaked up the influences of his homes in Puerto Rico, New York and Los Angeles to create his very unique style. 



Add in to the mix a stint in the house band for TV’s “ShowTime at The Apollo”, The ESPY’S, Latin Grammy, Guys Choice Awards composing and arranging for projects such as Jodie Foster’s movie Contact, Producing the soundtrack for the movie “Wedding Bell Blues” and playing on Grammy® Winning albums for Arturo Sandoval, Willie Colon and Spyro Gyra.

When playing his own music live he is surrounded by the Enclave which Oskar describes as “a musical play on words, the voice of a culture from within the boundaries of America, and a musical expression played en clavé. Our sound is a gumbo of jazz and funk, Afro-Caribbean percussion and urban street soul attitude.”

Other recent projects include playing on albums with Tito Nieves, Pete Escovedo, Andrae Crouch, Juan Gabriel, Sheila E. and the fun collaboration between Puerto Rican compadrés – Rumbantela, and playing live behind such varied artists as Justin Timberlake, Wayne Brady, Playing For Change, Gilberto Santa Rosa, All 4 One, Wynona Judd, Jonathan Butler, just to name a few.

Hometown or residence: Studio City Ca.

Years playing: way too many 

Describe your rig or instrument of choice: I have been a life long Sadowsky Bass player but in the last few years I have discover the love for Cat (and that will be the BASS not the animal)

How did you discover Nordstrand? Because of the high quality and reputation that it has earned in the industry, I had to find out what was all about. My Nordys of choice are the Cat Bass, StarLifter Preamp/DI, J-Blades pickups and the infamous NordyMUTES!!!

How long have you been using Nordstrand? Like the last five years

What do you like about Nordstrand?  I know that any Nordstrand product I try its almost a given that I will end up using it as part of my gear.

Artists whom with you are currently working: Mostly as a solo artist but also with the likes of Pete Escovedo, Sheila E., Marc Anthony, Israel Houghton, Jonathan Butler

Other artists of note whom with you have worked: The late Tito Puente, Spyro Gyra, Steve Winwood, Jennifer Lopez, All4One, Robbie Robertson,

Find more about Oskar on the interwebs: @oskarcartaya on Instagram, and

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