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May 06, 2022 2 min read

From Urbana, IL Sarah Cramer got her first bass when she was 15 years old (2005) and has been in love with playing bass ever since. Bassist, producer, keyboard player and vocalist, Sarah also helps out Bass Players United and runs The Bass Link instagram page with over 300,000 instagram followers combined.

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m mostly self-taught. The main way I learned how to play was from playing in bands. Recently, when the pandemic started, I studied under Devon Taylor (aka “Tuba Red”) for about a year. I learned so much from him and my playing really levelled up by having him as my mentor and teacher. Currently I’m studying to be a producer and taking upright bass lessons. I’ve also recently been talked into teaching. I give private lessons and I teach for Girls Rock Camp and First Gig Rock N’ Roll Camp for Kids.

Some career highlights for me have been touring with the Duke of Uke.  With this group one of our songs was placed in a musical/animation called Seder-Masochism and we’re about to release a concept album about Alice and Wonderland.  Then other highlights recently have been having the pleasure to work closely with mixing engineer Gerry “the gov” Brown, receiving a custom Devon bass and being endorsed by Nordstrand Audio!

Describe your rig or instrument of choice: My rig is a Fender amp and a Devon P4 !

How did you discover Nordstrand?  I discovered Nordstrand because my Devon P4 came with Nordstrand NP4A pickups. I use Nordstrand pickups and the NordyMute. What I like most about Nordstrand pickups is the tone. I feel like they provide a nice high end and they have a tone that cuts through when I practice/perform with my live band. I can hear my higher notes more clearly and the lower notes have a nice warm tone. 

Artists whom with you are currently working: I’m the bassist and co-writer for the Duke of Uke and His Novelty Orchestra.  I’ve been in this band since I was 16 years old and I feel like I really learned how to play with this group.

I also play bass for a band called Dad Pride and the East Side Five, plus produce and play bass for myself and many other side projects that come my way, plus sub for a band called the Bashful Youngens whenever they need a bassist.

Find more about Sarah on the interwebs:
nsta: @sarahcramer.bass @thebasslink

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