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September 14, 2018 2 min read

Born and raised in Prairie Lea, a very small town in central texas, Shane was constantly surrounded by music and musicians.“Just about everyone in my family played music. I don’t have many childhood memories the don’t involve music in some form.” Some of his earliest memories involved family and friends in a circle in the backyard swapping songs and telling stories. Being raised with so many musicians in his family it’s no surprise that Shane picked up his first instrument at an early age.“My grandfather gave me a 60’s Gibson J160e. That guitar went everywhere with me. So much so it was a given that every friday after our history test the teacher let us sit around and play the rest of class.” At 16 a family friend approached Shane and asked if he could play bass for his band the following friday. He went home and pulled out an old bass his dad had and 3 days later went to play that show.
That quick adaptation and blood-borne ability has followed him throughout his career with many different bands and artists over the years. The love of the craft took him to Nashville at 17, which further fostered the fruition of the dream, and back once more to Nashville at 21. After much time spent playing the likes of Broadway and Printers alley he returned home to his friends and family. He has continued to encourage that musical environment with his children who also enjoy playing now and then. Shane has spent the next 20 years after his stint in Nashville playing bass and singing a few harmony lines for many loved local and regional acts, musicals, and notable special events. “Today i do session work and I pride myself on being an affordable, high caliber addition to any project big or small.” 
Describe your rig and/or instrument of choice: My #1 "Peyton" is a Lakland 55-01.  Nordstrand ZenBlades and 3b pre-amp.  Other basses included a modded Fender Jazz "Jay" and and a modded Sire V7 "Blanca" 
I use Ampeg heads,  Fender Cabs,  Shure Wireless,  and Curt Mangan strings exclusively.  
How did you discover Nordstrand? "I first discovered Nordstrand in a music store in Austin TX.  They were installed in a used Fender Jazz bass there in a music store. I just couldn't figure out how this bass was making this amazing sound. A few questions later I learned the only upgrade was Nordstrand pickups. Ever since that day I have read up on and paid extra attention to artists like Michael Rhodes that use Nordstrand. I knew that was where I was going to find my tone!"
"For the past year my main gig is with Texas recording artist Jarrod Birmingham.  I also work on occasion with Dave Jorgeson,  Kris Gordon,  Dennis Jay Richter,  Garrett Simon and others."
Find more about Shane at the following websites:
Instagram: shaneroberts5268

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