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July 27, 2018 2 min read

Wilton is from Lexington NC, and is still a Lexington Resident has been playing for 22 years.

Bio: A friend bought a bass 22 years ago and he showed me a two note song on it. A week later I spent my whole check buying a bass and took that bass with me, literally, everywhere I went for the next 2 years. I joined my first band and actually gigged with them for a couple years. About three years ago, I auditioned and joined what ended up being one of the best cover bands in the area. After playing with them for several months, I realized I wanted to play original music. I had an opportunity to audition for Ryan Trotti and I have been his bassist for almost two years now.  We just played the Carolina Country Music Festival and since then every week seems to be getting bigger. This fall, I will be going into the studio with the songwriter/guitarist of the band formerly known as BackLash Effect to record their latest CD. Plus, Ryan has a lot of stuff I can't speak of right now, but musically things are only increasing at the moment.

Wilton Hailey

Describe your rig: I have two main basses currently...a 2014 RV4 Sadowsky Metro and a hot-rodded Fender Squier 77 vintage jazz bass, I gutted it and put an 18v Nordstrand preamp in it and I have Nordstrand pickups on the horizon (NJ4).  I have a custom bass being built by Red Rocket Guitars to my personal specs. The preamp and pickups will be from Nordstrand. I'm also having a custom bass built by Roscoe Guitars out of Greensboro NC, and yup, using Nordstrand Audio electronics also.

How did you discover Nordstrand? I was introduced to Nordstrand products by Red Rocket Guitars,  but as I started researching Nordstrand's products it became apparent who was on top.  I took a $350 bass and after adding his preamp it sounds as good as any $1500 plus bass I have ever owned. I have been using Nordstrand preamp for around 7 months and I am hooked for life.

Find out more about Wilton Hailey at Facebook and on Ryan Trotti's Facebook.

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