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July 10, 2018 3 min read

Mario MiröN Polisena was born in Sulmona, Italy on 12 April 1978. He began his studies at the age of thirteen, his teacher was Adolfo Polisena (his grandfather), multi-instrumentalist and famous composer of popular traditional music. He studied bass with Maestro Maurizio Rolli at the L. D'Annunzio music conservatory in Pescara. The professional life began with the orchestra, cutting his teeth on various clubs and stages and using all the classical and modern theories learned until then.

In 1998, after numerous demos produced, he got the chance to be part of a band that composed original songs, joining the "Hungry Heroes" and creating an album.

In 1999 he founded a Metal project, the "XII" (where he was also a soloist), played to crowds and opened concerts of international artists such as Neil Zaza.

In 2013 he became a permanent member of the "Popular Music Orchestra of Sulmona", a new reality led by Maestro Valter Matticoli, arranging and recording soundtracks of great classic movies.

Since 2015 he has been the bass player of "Lo Raccontano a Napoli", a modern style orchestra of classic Neapolitan music, with whom he toured Italy and wrote arrangements. Also in 2015 he began a new project, the "Briganti" where, thank to a historical study, he composed music and lyrics for a concept work focused on the period of Italian post-unification brigandage. 

Since 2017 he has been a member of the Academic Council of the L. D'Annunzio Conservatory of Music in Pescara as a student council  representative and coordinator of the "EasyChitarra Orchestra" of Maestro Angelo Ottaviani, an orchestra composed by 150 young guitarists, all between 6 and 13 years old, which already boasts numerous concerts in important events and Music Festivals.

Describe your rig or instrument of choice:
Meridian Jazz Evolution 4 strings,
Body: Ash
Neck: Tiger Maple
Fretboard: Zebrawood 21 frets 16" radius
Pickups: P/H
Bridge: Hipshot
Tuners: Kluson
Preamp: Vol, Vol, Hi, Mid, Low, active passive switch, Passive tone
Body thickness: 38mm
Weight: 3,6 Kg
Fret zero and Carbon fiber nut

How did you discover Nordstrand?
Three years ago a friend of mine introduced me to Nordstrand pickups. I was intrigued and I searched for information online, and I found a store near home with an offer. After installing the pickup in my bass there was no going back. I had finally found my sound.

What Nordstrand products do you use and what do you like about them?

With NP4 everything is so defined, warm, fat, and bright characte! This pick-up definitely do a better job of picking up my bass' sound. Everything is less muddy, more expressive, and well-balanced.

The Dual Coil 4 is undoubtedly the one I use the most. Powerful and versatile, it combines perfectly with the more classic NP4.

MM2.4 + 3B Preamp
I replaced the Bridge humbucker on my Sandberg Basic with a Nordstrand mm4.2. The installation took me about 30 minutes, but the sound is light years ahead. It's a really easy bass to do the work on, and a like for like replacement. The mm4.2 fit exactly without alteration to the bass. After adding the Pre 3B I have found the perfect tone which works great in any situation.

The Nordstrand removed the overly tinny quality I was getting from the old pick-up and preamp, and it feels a more full throughout the tonal spectrum.

Artists whom with you are currently working:

  • Briganti
  • Angelo Ottaviani
  • EasyChitarra Orchestra
  • Lo Raccontano a Napoli

Other artists of note whom with you have worked:
Orchestra Popolare di Musica di Sulmona

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