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July 26, 2019 2 min read

Andrew is an electric bass player and composer living in NYC. He grew up in NH and eventually moved to Boston, MA to be a part of the local music scene, and to attend Berklee College of Music. While at Berklee, Andrew met like-minded musicians that helped to solidify his desire to follow a life in creative music. Now in NYC he has his own group, Surrender Space, which includes Anna Webber on saxophone, Simon Jermyn on guitar, Luke Marantz on piano and Jeff Davis on drums. They’ll be making their first record later this year.

Describe your rig and/or instrument of choice:
I haven’t needed my own amp in NYC as almost every venue has them these days. When I have my choice it’s always Aguilar. Their new AG700 with one or two SL112’s is exactly what I want from an amp in any and every situation. My main bass is a Ristola Instruments 6 string bass. It was one of the last basses out of my friend Brian Ristola’s shop before he stopped making them. I have a new semi hollow bass being made now by my good friend Martin Keith in NY. I had a prototype hollow body, and the new one is to improve upon that design, but as a semi hollow bass. I’m super pumped for it!

How did you discover Nordstrand?
I’ve known Carey for years now from a distance. One of his very first basses that he made under his own name was a 6 string bass for me. That bass had the first pickups that he ever made! I moved on to a smaller bass after that one so it went to a new home, but I’ve always kept in touch with him. After struggling with different pickups and preamps in my Ristola for a while I contacted the shop about the BigRig pickups when they were released. As soon as I got them I was hooked! Carey’s newest designs are so innovative and forward thinking, and most importantly they just work for me. I never think about my sound when I play now. Nordstrand pickups have allowed me to just make music, without any obsession with what my bass sounds like. I now use and love the BigRig, Big Split, as well as the NP4v in my old Yamaha P bass. I also use the Nordstrand 2B+ preamp in my Ristola.


Artists whom with you are currently working:
My current focus is my own group Surrender Space. I also have a new Quartet that includes the great Michael Attias.


Other artists of note whom with you have worked:
Villalobos Brothers, Bring It On The Musical National Tour


Find more about Andrew and his music at the following links:

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