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June 07, 2019 1 min read

Denis Fernández Gridchin is an electric and upright bass player. Born and raised in Havana, Cuba, he is currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Denis is endorsed by Ibanez Guitars, he is an active member of the Metal bands Innvoid and Arcanus. 

Instrument of choice: Ibanez basses loaded with Nordstrand pickups, these are my main instruments. For amplification I use Mesa Boogie, Ampeg, Darkglass, Kemper, depending on the needs.

What Nordstrand products do you use and what do you like about them? My basses are loaded with Nordstrand Big Single and Zen Blade pickups. I really enjoy their organic and open sound, which brings so much clarity and articulation. Nordstrand are the best pickups to cut through the mix.

How did you discover Nordstrand/How long have you been using Nordstrand?While searching for the perfect bass few years ago I got an Ibanez with Nordstrand Big Singles. These pickups were one of the main reasons I felt in love with this bass. Now all my basses are loaded with Nordstrands.

Artists whom with you are currently working:
Arcanus & INNVOID 

Other artists of note whom with you have worked:
Alianza, RePlay, Mystery, Necropolis, Drath, Congregation

Find more about Denis online:

Personal website:




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