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September 03, 2021 2 min read

Fabián Vargas Brenes of Costa Rica has had a bass since age 15, but began studying and performing seriously at 19 years old. At 34 it has been 15 years now.

Describe your rig or instrument of choice. Being a freelance bass player, I work in very different genres, including Progressive metal, worship and pop music. It has pushed me to have a wide array of instruments to help me achieve the desired tone for each genre and specific situation.

How did you discover Nordstrand?  I discovered Nordstrand years ago, around 2008.  At that time I was beginning my journey to become a Extended Range Bassist. In a bass forum I learned Nordstrand was able to make any size and string quantity you can imagine and that the pickups sounded incredible, so I emailed Nordstrand. I got to know what they were doing at the time and had a great hang!

I currently have 3 instruments loaded with Nordstrand Pickups. I have a 5 string bass tuned standard (B-G) with NJ5 vintage pickups, a 5 string Tenor bass (E-C) with Dual coil pickups and my Signature 8 string bass (B-Bb) with Dual Coils too (which became my favorite pickups ever, a long time ago). I also have used the 3 band preamp with great success, although I don´t currently have a Nordstrand Preamp loaded bass at the time, I will have a bass loaded with a Nordstrand preamp in the near future for sure. The versatility, tone and endless options, even aesthetics on Nordstrand products are simple off the charts, you can´t rival with Nordstrand, you just can´t...

Artists whom with you are currently working:
Luis Esteban Herrera Watson (pianist and composer)
inusual (worship project)
Awaken Sky

Other artists of note whom with you have worked:
Carlos Guevara
Michael Cruz
I was MD of Vida Abundante Church
I am also part of the staff of teachers at Bajissimo Instituto de bajo, a leader intstitute for bass online education for latin/spanish market.

Learn more about Fabián on the interwebs.

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