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February 12, 2021 3 min read

J Castro, a native New Yorker from Brooklyn, is an adept, recognized bassist possessing an impressive resume of session credits earned while simultaneously launching his own career as a solo bassist. Renowned for his creativity in Neo-Soul, Jazz, Fusion and Hip-Hop, J Castro’s music speaks of love and life’s struggles. Applying his improvisational chops to contemporary jazz, his sound elevates the mind of his listeners that pleases their ears and sets their toes tapping. He is married to National Neo-Soul Recording Artist Lahla-Hadiya, who together are the proud parents of six active, beautiful children. In addition to his being a devoted father with a full offstage life, he also is a Producer, Improviser, Arranger, Songwriter, Composer of Film Scores, and Multi-instrumentalist. He has had the privilege of playing for some of the best National Recording Artists, including Jonathan Butler, Apostle Rita Twiggs, Wes Morgan, Paul Morton, CeCe Winnans, Lahla-Hadiya, Tony Craddock Jr, Glenn Jones, James Lanier and many more. His musical stylings resonate with all who appreciate good music, with captivating performances that the artist hopes leave a warm and long-lasting impression well after the last note of his songs are played. Allow the melodic tones of J Castro’s music transport you away from the everyday, to a transformative plane.

My Rig & Instrument Of Choice :  I have two rigs I love to go with. My number one(1) Rig for larger shows is The "GK-Neo 4x10 Stacked with the GK-Neo 2x12. I love the fact thatI am able to get that low end punch out of the 2x12's and the clarity of the 4x10's on top. To have this rig paired with my GK Fusion 800 I am all set to go. 

My other go to Rig is the TC Electronics K-Cabs. I love to stack my 4 - 12's together to get the ultimate low end as well as clarity of tone and punch. I like to use this Rig with a Aguilar Tone Hammer 500. 

What makes both of these rigs sound so good are my Signature Basses "JC82" by Odieng Custom Bass Guitars stocked with the Nordstrand Zen Blades

How did I Discover Nordstrand... How long have I been using Nordstrand? I was first introduced to Nordstrand Audio through my Bass Tech Randy Kilpatrick. He made the recommendation to me when I was looking for pick-ups that would give me the ultimate clarity and was also quiet with the flexibility of adjusting different frequencies pending the venue or stage I was playing on. 

I was able to have a custom Music Man style pickup and single Jazz Pickup added to my bass. It changed my sound tremendously! I found everything I needed in Nordstrand. I knew for my future basses all my electronics were going to be Nordstrand Audio. 

I have been using Nordstrand Audio for 10 years now. The sound and quality of their products have always gone to the next level. 

I currently use the Nordstrand NJ6S Hum Canceling in my Bass Mods K6. 

I also use the Nordstrand NPJ4SV in my Ibanez Talman Bass.

I can't say that I like Nordstrand products. I have to say I truly love Nordstrand products. As a Bass Player, you always look for a sound that is different, stands out, clean and overall will last you for years to come without any modification. Nordstrand has been the only company that has met all my needs as a Bass player. They will always be my number one choice!

What are you working on now? My Solo Album will release in Summer of 2021. 
I am currently playing numerous session gigs for church's and Solo Artist. 

Find more about J on the usual places on the internet:


Facebook: and

Instagram: @Johnnie Castro 

Twitter: @JCastro_Bass23


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