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July 01, 2021 1 min read

A graduate of the “no-formal-music-education”, Richard Madella is featured on a 200+indie/church recordings. His dedication to the craft of bass playing is evident each time he takes over his instrument - whether on stage or in the studio. 


He believes in being a disciple of funk, a follower of the groove and in being a patron of the pocket. Apart from freelancing and playing for several bands. Madella has worked with some of the renowned music composers in the South of India. 


Richard Madella is part of three major bands namely ‘Band Elyzium’, ‘Stereo Town ‘and ‘What the funk’.


With influences ranging from Jaco pastorius, Victor Wooten, Hadrian Feraud, Marcus Miller, bass player Richard Madella is Hyderabad’s best-kept secret.


Gear used:

Ibanez Premium Bass

Boss GT 1B

 Nordstrand pick ups. 


I have been using Nordstrand Audio for almost 6 years now. The best thing about these electronics - compliments the wood of the instrument and do not distort the sound at all. 

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