June 29, 2018

Carlos Costa is bassist, co-funder and co-composer on the Alternative Metal band 11th Dimension from Lisbon Portugal.  He began his musical career as a vocalist in a cover band as a child,  but soon fell in love with bass guitar and studied to become primarily a bassist. After many years working on a variety of small projects, he co-founded 11th Dimension in 2013, after working with the other founding members since 2011.
Carlos studied robotics engineering and is also a gearhead, both of which lead him to explore the production, recording and live tech side of music and bring that into 11th Dimension and help/advise other bass players.
11th Dimension Carlos Costa Big Singles
Describe your rig or instrument of choice: 
  • ESP-LTD B-1006 fitted with Nordstrand big singles, usually used wired in series.
  • Ashdown Little Giant 1000 used only as power amp into TC Electronics BC210+BC212
  • Used to use a myriad of pedals live and the 11th Dimension album was recorded using EBS preamps and various Source Audio effects, however now the live rig is composed by MXR Bass Compressor into a Line6 POD500HD with Source Audio HotHand for expression control.
How did you discover Nordstrand?  I discovered Nordstrand a long time ago while first exploring what brands of pickup existed for retrofitting basses and then the interest came back after knowing Dingwall basses use Nordstrand designed pickups. When the need came to change the pickups on a bass I contacted many brands and the guys at Nordstrand got back to me in a very personal way, asking for more info into what I wanted to achieve etc. That sealed the deal for me.
11th Dimension Carlos Costa Big Singles
What Nordstrand products do you use? Nordstrand Big Singles, since September 2015

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