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March 09, 2018 2 min read

I actually got a fairly late start playing music after being recruited as the "singer" for a punk/ska band in junior year of high school, and recording us as well as our friend's bands on one of those old red Fostex 4 tracks, I wound up heading to college with the intention of studying recording engineering.

I spent most of the first year in my dorm room teaching myself how to play bass instead of attending GE classes, and I ended up living in a house just off campus with someone who was going to be attending MI in Hollywood the following year; shortly afterwards, I dropped out to attend MI myself and pursue career as a session/touring musician.

Hometown or residence: Los Angeles: Born & Raised.

Years playing: 10+

How did you discover Nordstrand/How long have you been using Nordstrand? Mo (the head tech at Nordstrand) was an instructor of mine at MI, and he introduced me to Carey at NAMM some years ago; I was an Aguilar artist at the time but the personal touch of everything at the Nordstrand shop, as well as their consistent commitment to innovation, pretty quickly won me over.

Simplicity & flexibility: being able to achieve a great tone with minimal fuss is a must, both live and in the studio, as is the ability to sculpt your sound for any musical situation. All of that is possible with Nordstrand.

Matt Denis with Nordstrand Pickups

What Nordstrand products do you use and what do you like about them? I have Nordstrand pickups in ALL of my parallel fret basses: currently NP4, BigMan, Big J Blades & Nordenbocker.

It's all about the tone.

Artists whom with you are currently working: Currently touring with Zoviet: Viva Mexico Cabrones!

Matt Denis with Nordstrand Pickups
Matt Denis with Nordstrand PickupsOther artists of note whom with you have worked: Most notably with LP (Warner Brothers) & Andy Allo (NPG), as well as session credits with award winning producers/engineers Thom Russo, Ken Scott, Wyn Davis, Brian Howes, Sean Gould & more.

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